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just me and the traitor in my brain

John Riney
5 May
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Former boy genius - bitwhacker - hardware hacker - gamer - picture taker man - noisemaker - doer of things - geek of all trades. 'Atcher service, guvnah.

Pictures I've taken are featured on, and are used in the layouts of, various band fansites, like RiloKiley.net and FlyleafOnline.com. That's pretty cool I guess.

My < 20K Slashdot UID (16598) should prove my leetness beyond a reasonable doubt.


"You can't be stopped. You can only be contained." --Ned

"MOD PARENT UP - Hes teh funnay" --Anonymous Coward

"You are the finest piece of ass to ever walk into this bar" --Mumbles, a woman with an above average blood alcohol level and a below average number of teeth at the Ladson Tackle Shop

"You know, it's possible that you might be the coolest motherfucker here." - Newki (at Con)

"John was born on a hot, rainy day under a tin shed in a Peruvian white slavery camp. Put to work in the coca fields by the age of 4, he worked for the next decade, developing a vague distaste for forced labor and a dream of escaping the fields to become an optometrist. Seizing an opportunity, he savagely clubbed the foreman over the head with a spade handle and snuck aboard a panel truck carrying a load of pig entrails bound for the docks. There, he negotiated passage aboard a Japanese freighter in exchange for working as a cook and folk-singer. Free of bondage, he spent the next five years making tamales, performing the traditional songs of the Peruvian coca farmer, and seeing the parts of the world that have water on them. On his 20th birthday, John left the the Echimara Maru and took up work as a handyman in Bangalore. On his way to unclog a particularly pestilent outhouse, a crane delivering a load of computers to a third-floor office snapped a cable, crushing John under 25 computers and their assorted peripherals. Awakening two weeks later with a concussion and a 256 megabyte DIMM permanently embedded in his skull, he dedicated his life to all things technological." --I'm pretty sure I made this up
35mm film, air, alesis, altoids, amateur rocketry, amy lavere, analog synthesizers, apple, armadillo aerospace, atari 2600, audioslave, basic stamp, belladogma, beta band, bjork, blackalicious, bush, busta rhymes, c, c++, carnivale, cary ann hearst, chapelle's show, coldplay, conservative, converge, david gilmour, digital photography, dj shadow, dmx, doom 3, doves, dragoncon, dreamcast, electronics, enemy territory, evanescence, firefly, flyleaf, foo fighters, futurama, game programming, gaming, garbage, genesis, geologics, george sarah, george w. bush, gillian welch, goldfrapp, guano apes, guinness, halou, hax0ring, homestar runner, hooverphonic, hum, hybrid mutants, ico, imogen heap, incubus, interpol, inventing, java, jay-z, jefferson airplane, jenny lewis, joseph shuttle, jucifer, kandinsky, kenna, kill bill, lamb, lead belly, led zeppelin, ll cool j, lost in translation, low, mac hall, mac os x, malt liquor, massive attack, mastodon, matter, megatokyo, microcontrollers, mitch hedberg, morgan webb, mr. mosquito, muse, music, my bloody valentine, my morning jacket, nappy roots, neko case, nikon f100, nine inch nails, nirvana, notorious b.i.g., our lady peace, outkast, pantera, penny arcade, photography, pink floyd, pj harvey, portishead, powerbook g4, probot, procol harum, programming, ps2, quake, radiohead, real life, republican, rez, rilo kiley, ruby, ruby on rails, sarah mclachlan, scary go round, serenity, sleater-kinney, son house, space, spawar, super nintendo, system of a down, the beach boys, the beatles, the broken, the crystal method, the flaming lips, the jayhawks, the mars volta, the smashing pumpkins, the yeah yeah yeahs, tool, tricky, unemployment, unreal tournament 2004, vast right-wing conspiracy, w00t, w00tbox, we love katamari, weebl and bob, weezer, wipeout fusion, xbox